· When a video game lets you move during extended dialogue:



  · I don’t miss you

I feel like I should because I never actually gave you a reason on why I stopped talking to you. Sometimes I think I should miss you because of the few good times we had in high school. However, I have never felt so backstabbed by a person. I hold on to the good memories that make up 20% of what our friendship consisted of. I’ve had to have friends help me realize why I shouldn’t go back. 

Truth is, I miss the part of you that I had a lot of fun with. You were one of my best friends and I guess I use that really lightly. Obviously, I do know that you do not think so highly of me because if you did then maybe we would still be friends. 

You wanted to meet up and catch up. I’m waiting for that effort. Since you and I are full of shit then it probably would not happen. 

I’m happy now. 

But I still sometimes wish we were friends. 

That isn’t the case anymore. 



if you give me a task with no deadline i will literally never do it but if you give me a deadline i will get it done exactly 1 hour before the deadline even if the deadline is in six years


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Remember in Kingdom Hearts II when Goofy died? When a massive frickin boulder just game out of nowhere and hit him on the head? And he was DEAD, and your little hands were shaking around the controller, and it was one of the most dramatic moments in the game, and Donald Duck — DONALD DUCK — went into a revenge-fueled rage and started kicking ass? And it was one of the most emotionally profound moments those characters had ever had?? And then you proceed to kill over 1000 Heartless to avenge GOOFY THE DOG while being aided by an all-star lineup of Final Fantasy characters?? And then after all that he has the NERVE to just show up like “hiya fellers”?? Kingdom Hearts, by all known laws of our universe, should not exist